You make a great case on your website that good Vietnamese typography is doable, but requires special care. Vietnamese support is a good thing to have when marketing fonts towards international companies, and, it’s one more way to distinguish the font from the millions of others out there.

I had a commission for expanding a bespoke font to support Vietnamese language. Your website about Vietnamese typography has been my guide through the process and I really enjoyed to learn about your language.

I really enjoyed reading your website. It is great for non native type designers to find recommendations for designing properly the glyphs for other languages. I am now designing a new font, also with vietnamese support. I hope to make it well. Thanks again and best regards from Argentina.

Donny Truong’s site gets deep into the history and current implementations of Vietnamese typography, and is itself a great example of our character subsets in use. It’s also a great design.

Sally Kerrigan, content editor, Typekit

The precision and clarity of your points are really visible on Vietnamese Typography.

Thomas Jockin, type designer & organizer of TypeThursday

I think more and more designers/foundries are starting to consider Vietnamese support for larger extended language sets. More companies are commissioning extensions for brand faces. Information like Trương’s site goes a long way toward making it more practical for non-native designers to consider.

Kent Lew, type designer, Font Bureau

Excellent site, I just read through it all and although I have not yet implemented Vietnamese support to any existing typefaces, I feel I have a greater understanding of all the details and what it will take. I’m sure I’ll add support to a future release, and I’ll remember your site as a great resource. Thanks for your help.

Michael Jarboe, type designer, AE Type

I just wanted to congratulate you on the release of Vietnamese typography thesis. It was a much needed information on the subject, and will be used as a reference for years to come.

Toshi Omagari, type designer, Monotype

This is excellent timing … Your thesis site has been very useful!

Christian Schwartz, partner, Commercial Type

Donny—thanks for touching on an issue a lot of type designers ignore. Keep it up! You’ll change the world.

Việc làm này của anh không chỉ ý nghĩa với type design mà với cả cộng đồng người Việt nữa.

Phạm Đam Ca, type designer & professor

Your discussion of the typographical problems is exactly what we discussed in late 1980’s and early 1990’s, especially our discussion with a typographer from Xerox. This is exciting to hear and see again. And we do need this discussion over and over again.

Ngô Thanh Nhàn, computational linguist, New York University

Your project is very useful to journals and magazines that usually do not try to print Quốc Ngữ.

John Balaban, author & translator of Vietnamese poetry

Attention to special aesthetic features of Quốc Ngữ is a great project, and I hope at least that your work opens up new visual possibilities for Vietnamese type.